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Appear has developed a novel battery technology that has long term potential to replace conventional batteries for a range of applications from consumer electronics to electric vehicles.

Our graphene superfast charging technology uses the allotrope to improve electrode performance. Our products are lighter in weight, deliver faster charge time, have greater storage capacity, and demonstrate a longer lifespan than other conventional batteries.

Key Features

Light weight

Fast Charge


Longer Life Span

Appear Graphene Flexible Battery

Appear has created revolutionary flexible Graphene fast charging battery technology. Unlike traditional lithium-ion only batteries, Appear batteries can fully bend with any device eliminating the limitations in product design and creation. Our batteries allow manufacturers to create custom designs with enhanced energy storage solutions for consumer electronic products, communication devices, wearables, IoTs, and other connected devices.

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Key Safety features

No Heating

No Fire Hazard

No Fumes

No Leakage